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What We Do

We help turn your innovations into a commercial success

Linkman specialises in helping science and technology businesses address the multiple challenges that arise when getting a new idea or innovation to market quickly and profitably.

From understanding the true value of a new idea or innovation, through technical development, production and ultimately to commercialisation – we support the full process of translating science into commercial reality.


This can be due to a number of reasons:

The various functional teams involved in the product development process (eg. R&D, production, sales, marketing) have strained relationships and are working to conflicting agendas

The management structure and style is no longer optimised to achieve the new goals of the business

There is no single point of responsibility that understands all the different business functions involved and for ensuring the project hits its crucial milestones

When problems arise, no individual or department takes responsibility for resolving the issues concerned

Projects stall and momentum is lost when handed over between business functions

The teams involved in developing and launching a business’s product to market are not empowered, disengaged with the process

Sound familiar?

Linkman has the experience and expertise to address these issues. We are dedicated to helping science and technology companies meet these and the many other everyday challenges they face.

What issues are challenging your business?

Here are a series of our programs that are designed to address some of today’s most common challenges for science and technology businesses:

Pulling the strands together

When your functional teams are pulling against one another and the aims of the business. Their differing priorities and agendas are leading to conflict and stalling project progress.

Linkman can work with your teams to resolve conflict, create a mutual understanding and a co-ordinated approach to move forward.

Re-energise and re-engage

When your teams are flagging and have reached a road-block on a project. They have lost momentum, deadlines and stage-gates are beginning to slip.

Linkman can offer a new perspective, can motivate and galvanise your teams into action to get back on track and achieve your goals on schedule.

Devil’s Advocate

When teams have conflicting agendas and are unable to reach an agreement on a way forward with a project or business issue.

Linkman can provide an independent, impartial ear, to listen to concerns and provide a consensus view that will enable your teams to move forward.

Creative interchange

You have gone around in circles trying to come up with a solution to a pressing operational or commercial conundrum.

Linkman can provide an objective viewpoint and an injection of fresh and creative thinking that is unconstrained by the ‘internal blinkers’.

Reach the finish line

When projects falter and lose momentum, deadlines can slip and the commercial imperative to get a product to market can leave a business in a vulnerable position.

Linkman can intervene quickly to get a project back on track, help to resolve the issues that are preventing progress and ensure that the crucial launch date is achieved.

Sounds like a (marketing) plan!

Your business is lacking the relevant expertise or marketing resource required to get a product to market and start to deliver the returns required by the business.

Linkman can work with you to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan that will enable the business to achieve its projected return on investment and continue with profitable growth.

Smash the sales target

Your team is lacking in experience and sales skills to deliver the revenue required by the business on a new product launch.

Linkman can work with your sales teams to provide an expert Sales Coaching program to help your teams deliver a consistent and effective sales process that will enable them to reach their sales targets.


You are faced with a skills gap in your team or have a short-term employee absence that is preventing you from hitting your project deadlines.

Linkman can integrate seamlessly with your existing team to provide the additional skills or interim support you need to keep your program on track.