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How we work

Linkman works with a full spectrum of businesses from innovation start-ups to multi-national organisations across a number of science and technology sectors including:

  • Material sciences
  • Polymer sciences
  • Bio-sciences
  • Electronics
  • Engineering

We offer complete flexibility for you to benefit from our experience and expertise in a way that best suits your particular business’ requirements.

Whether you need us to ‘dip in’ to your business and create a plan or advise on a specific solution or you need us to integrate fully with your team and provide an interim role on a major project, we are here to help.

We can work with you in a number of different ways:

Project Manager
an interim role to provide objective, co-ordinating expertise to deliver a project to conclusion such as a new product development / launch

a regular on-going, experienced advisor to fill a skills gap or provide an on-going supporting role to the business

advice or a solution to a very specific business issue


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